• Spartak hockey


    Professional hockey club "Spartak" was founded in 1946. Since then, the team has received many titles at different levels – national, European-as well as its participants were awarded a considerable number of titles and prizes.

    Given that hockey is still a collective and intellectual game, it is necessary to highlight the smartest left insider who once stood in the ranks of the team, Alexander Igumnov. Among fans he was nicknamed "Satan" for unpredictability, which he was very different in the process of the game.

    January 12, 1947 held the final matches of the championship, where " Spartak "quite successfully held a game with" Dynamo " with a score of 6:1. In the last match, the meeting with CDKA was also winning for the red-whites-2: 0.

    By the beginning of the 1948-1949 season, the command staff began to suffer significant losses-players Isaev, Zikmund, Tarasov, Bocharnikov and Novikov moved to the air force team. Thus, the team in a short time was deprived of almost all the best participants.

    By the early 50's the situation has changed in better side-coaches, in personified by Alexander Igumnov and Vladimir Stepanov, began to active prepare young hockey players. Then there is a rejuvenation of the participants.

    In 1964, when Vsevolod Bobrov took the post of coach, Spartak's activity gained some stability. This is evidenced by the tactical seriousness of the players and the technical diversity of techniques.

    In 1979, "Spartak" was headed by Boris Pavlovich Kulagin, followed by new members of the team – Sergei Kapustin, Sergei Shepelev, Viktor tyumenev, Alexander Kozhevnikov. It was with Kulagin that Spartak became the "bronze" team in 1980 and for four seasons the silver medalist of the USSR championship (1981-1984).

    After another change of coach players lost the appearance of the team and their own style of play. Twice "down" from the super League to the Big leagues and twice back.