• Those who bet on a small number of goals in the upcoming match, he miscalculated.

    Midway through the first period, both teams managed to score in nets by de washer and Spartak even scored the 3rd washer to the 18-th minute of the match. Its authors were the debutant of this season — Leshchenko and Yunkov. This duet worked perfectly.

    Initially team played as if pendulum, making mistakes in defense. Threats of a goal arose that in one side of the field, in another. But this could not but please the fans in the stands.

    After the 4th thrust washer in gate "Spartaka" the coaching staff was replaced Bespalova on Khomchenko, who has no time not out on the ice in the NHL.

    And after the second break, the game became noticeably more cautious on both sides, the coaches clearly decided that their players should be more cautious.

    Kokarev and Zubov decided to work on goal from long distances, but the accuracy of their shots, unfortunately, did not differ.

    By the end of the game has been fatal for Spartak removal of Stefanovi sent the puck under the crossbar from the middle. Which was the verdict for the red-whites.